welcome to earth (rth).

rth is not a company.
there is no corporation or CEO.
rth is a distributed autonomous organization.
the people that hold rth, are the stewards of rth.

rth contract address: etherscan.io/address/0xcce85fa...
rth token address: etherscan.io/token/0xcce85fa...

rth is a hybrid backed, fixed supply digital asset.

at genesis, rth is backed by the:
genesis parcel: ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPHwhvVq...
genesis btc: blockchain.com/btc/address/bc1...
genesis eth: etherscan.io/address/0xd7fe8dc...

rth asset backing grows as rth is released to market, as dao real estate and crypto holdings generate yield, and as nft royalties are captured through tokenized fractional real estate sales.

rth is regulatory compliant. aml/kyc is required.
to participate in initial rth distribution, please click here.

rth ambassadors

be a voice for rth in your country.
earn fiat and rth compensation.
for more information, please click here.


Once sufficiently informed, humans will choose stores of value and mediums of exchange that are not subject to debasement, and will abandon those that are. All fiat currencies will fail. Central banks will cease to function in their current form. Government attempts at digital fiat will also fail as debaseable digital currencies will remain transparently inferior to fixed supply decentralized money. A decoupling of money from government is inevitable.

Loss of monetary control is a substantial loss of power. Governments will seek to regain power in other ways. The risk of financial and geopolitical instability will increase. Risk of regional and global conflict will grow.

In order to minimize this risk, humans must find a way to reasonably migrate from legacy monetary systems, to new decentralized systems. This cannot be achieved by government mandate. Given the new decentralized nature of money, adoptive consensus is necessary. Adoption by a critical-mass of people must occur first, complemented by a mechanism for government onboarding that preserves reasonable transitional socio-economic balance.

This must be in place, and have sufficient adoption, prior to the widespread decline of fiat. A race condition exists.

Existing crypto-assets are not well suited for this task as the concept that digital assets have value is elusive for many. A hybrid-backed digital asset that includes 'real-world' backing will be more readily adoptable.

Additionally, there is an inverse relationship between understanding bitcoin, and willingness to spend bitcoin. Why spend something today that you expect will significantly increase in value over time? The future value of bitcoin and other digital assets will not be known for many years, and quite possibly not before the collapse of fiat. A digital asset, backed partially by real estate, will offer greater stability in both asset confidence, and valuation.

As adoption of decentralized money grows, individuals will become more empowered. This will provide the first viable opportunity for decentralized global governance. In turn, this will create opportunities to improve the human condition, and build a stronger planet.

Welcome to earth (rth).

legacy interfaces

the rth steward functions only at the direction of the dao.
the rth steward provides the rth accomodator with a signator.
the rth accomodator functions only at the direction of the dao.
the rth accomodator facilitates asset acquisition at the direction of the dao.
real estate transactions are recorded in legacy government systems.
in parallel, real estate transactions are recorded on the rth global title system (gts).
the rth trust is the sole beneficiary of all land trusts.
rth holders are the sole beneficiaries of the rth trust.

bitcoin frictions / rth layer smoothing


scarcity alone negatively impacts adoption.

perception improved with hybrid backed asset.
adoption easier to achieve.


bitcoin disproportionately held.
decentralized becoming centralized again.

rth ecosystem moves bitcoin to the rth dao commensurate with adoption at scale helping to rebalance bitcoin distribution.
rth distribution mechanism rewards early adopters but mitigates gold rush behavior.


bitcoin currently functions as a store of value.

rth functions at the payments layer, interoperates with the rth dao, becomes stronger commensurate with backing growth, establishes a minimum human standard of living, incentivizes individual and global improvement, and offers a foundation for decentralized global governance.

nft fractional real estate

held by individuals.
decentralized, immutable, fractional ownership.
allows for broader participation, inclusive of all income levels.
provides for easier transfer of ownership at both purchase and resale.
resales generate 1.5% royalty yield, which is used to increase rth asset backing, and fund rth ubi.
asset/ubi ratio determined by the dao within the rth dao framework:
no less than 90% of yield to asset backing.
no more than 10% of yield to ubi.
additionally, yield from 'real-world' cash flow paid to nft holders in equal parts btc, eth, and rth.
btc distributions are paid as wrapped btc on ethereum.
nft asset legacy administration via rth trust at the direction of the dao. all records transparent.
lost keys: no activity at address for one year = ongoing yield reallocated to remaining asset hodlers until address active again.

real estate asset backing

held by the dao.
expands commensurate with rth adoption.
legacy administration via rth trust at the direction of the dao. all records transparent.
yield from 'real-world' cash flow used to increase rth asset backing and fund rth ubi.
asset/ubi ratio determined by the dao within the rth dao framework:
no less than 90% of yield to asset backing.
no more than 10% of yield to ubi.

universal basic income

establishes a minimum human standard of living.
already needed today.
will become increasingly necessary as robotics and ai proliferate.
in parallel, the rth ecosystem provides continued incentive for individual and species advancement.
rth is not socialist, capitalist or otherwise.
rth provides a balanced, logical approach.

global title system

immutable public ledger.
legacy legal description > sha-256 hash normalized legal description
title record > sha-256 file hash
legal description hash, title record hash, and ipf hash to legacy records are stored on chain
ex: e746a00be394357e29a69f2e099ab69ddc28fdc92516786218b3278cf0b95f49 : 437a7ab2603905a84b16654b833e655d36f4b41231fb8f985261c26667950a37 : QmPHwhvVqsvzbGvzCFAxmuctWg4YE99w2rXVHCrC3Cv9jq
this renders the legal description, title record, and legacy data, immutable.
runs parallel with legacy systems until legacy systems have been retired.
See: gts.rth.io

total supply

There are the same number of satoshi (bitcoin) as there are of time (rth).





















long form

Two quadrillion, one hundred trillion

Two hundred ten trillion

Twenty one trillion

Two trillion, one hundred billion

Two hundred ten billion

Twenty one billion

Two billion, one hundred million

Two hundred ten million

Twenty one million


0.01 rth

0.1 rth

1 rth

10 rth

100 rth

1,000 rth

10,000 rth

100,000 rth

1,000,000 rth


# of satoshi








# of bitcoin

Denomination at 21 trillion level selected to retain smaller unit of measure to enable the term 'rth' to persist longer in transactional use, and for the benefit of perceived affordability (unit bias). The cost of one bitcoin is more than most can afford. Even though a person can buy satoshi, being unable to buy a full bitcoin discourages adoption.

supply inflation:

When all 21 trillion rth have been distributed, 2% annual inflation will begin. Nominal inflation functions to offset lost rth, otherwise rth would deflate to zero as time approaches infinity. Non-inflationary money is dying money by definition.


rth reserved for global distribution: 95%

rth reserved for team, partners and discretionary: 4.5%

rth reserved for founder: 0.5%

of the 95% reserved for global distribution:

90% allocated for open distribution.

government onboarding allocations based on adjusted 2019 gdp.

staking rewards and farming rewards.

early adopter incentives.

future direct sales (structured fiat transition.)

5% allocated for initial ubi reserves (universal basic income.)

Over the long-term, a dao determined portion of yield from rth asset backing and nft royalties will be used to fund ongoing ubi.

5% allocated for global innovation incentive fund.

distributed by dao consensus over time.

a dao determined portion of yield from rth asset backing and nft royalties will be used to perpetuate the incentive fund.

government onboarding

Governments will seek safe harbor options as they begin to accept that their fiat currencies will fail. Transitional exchange will be provided at then-current market rates with total rth allocation being a factor of each country’s normalized GDP (per capita GDP). Allocaction adjustment for low normalized GDP countries to be determined by the dao. Direct government engagement is underway.

use of funds

All funds usage shall be fully open ledger and administered by the dao, provided that:

80% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used to purchase additional asset backing.

20% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used for rth awareness and adoption, research and development, and dao > trust operations.

However, for the first five years, in order to enhance rth awareness and adoption:

50% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used to purchase asset backing.

40% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used for rth awareness and adoption.

10% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used for research and development, and dao > trust operations.

In years 6 through 20, the use of funds shall be determined by the dao, provided that:

50% to 70% of funds shall be used to purchase asset backing.

10% of funds will be used for research and development, and dao > trust operations.

The balance of 20% to 40% will be used for rth awareness and adoption.

Beginning in year 21, the use of funds shall be allocated as follows:

85% of funds secured from rth distribution shall be used to purchase asset backing, a 5% premium over the long-term 80% equilibrium. The 5% premium shall remain in place until the percentage of funds used to purchase asset backing achieves 80% equilibrium. During this time, 10% of funds will be used for research and development and dao > trust operations and 5% of funds will be used for rth awareness and adoption.

Once equilibrium has been achieved, 80% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used to purchase additional asset backing, and 20% of funds secured from rth distribution will be used for rth awareness and adoption, research and development, and dao > trust operations, and shall remain as such in perpetuity until all rth has been distributed, at which time dao > trust operations shall be funded, at the direction of the dao, from income from assets held prior to calculation of yield.

dao mining operations

approximately 500Th/s bitcoin, 1,200Gh/s ethereum.
all mining rewards added to rth backing.
solar installation Q1 2022.
mining operations to be expanded at the election of the dao, provided that:
mining operations growth shall be solar, hydryo, etc. only.
help transition proof of work to environmentally friendly over time.

staking rewards

when you stake (deposit) rth, you receive rth as yield (interest).
there is no lockup period (required length of time on deposit).
earn yield for any amount of time rth are staked.
staking rewards initially set at 15% annually.
future staking rewards % yield to be set by the dao, provided that:
the maximum annual yield shall decrease from 15% to 5% over 8 years.
reduction increments: 1% year two, 2% year four, 3% year six, 4% year eight.

rth app

The rth app enables humans to easily spend, receive, and earn rth.
As with other crypto assets, the majority of your rth should be held in cold storage (a wallet not connected to the internet).
Just as you should not walk around with too much cash, you should not keep too much rth in the rth app.
Consider cold storage to be like a secured bank account, and consider the rth app to be like the cash in your wallet.

rth farming

rth farming is conducted on the rth app.
learn, interact, and contribute to earn rth daily.
to farm rth, open the app, and select “farm” from the menu.
rth farming can only be performed for kyc associated rth addresses.

rth farming rewards shall be set by the dao, provided that:
total farming rewards shall not exceed 20 rth per day.
rth farming rewards shall cease at the end of year five.


- FBI background checked.

- Recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s, Integrity Counts award.

- Helped raise more than $2million for charitable organizations.

- Seventeen year holder of government issued real estate license.

- More than 8,000 regulated real estate transactions. Zero disciplinary actions.

- Served on the management team of a Tim Draper backed dotcom era business.

- Serial entrepreneur with a history of successful startup ventures.

- Bitcoin and ethereum miner since 2015.

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now hiring software engineers, content producers, and program managers.
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rth merch

double stripe

tassle yellow

funk station

primary logo

lunar voyage


rth stickers

four stickers, one of each color, 4” round

skate deck alpha

8.0 medium concave

7-ply Canadian Maple


8.0 medium concave

7-ply Canadian Maple

risks and offset strategies

insufficient adoption

risk: rth may not gain traction and may not reach the sufficient critical mass necessary to survive.

offset 1: persistence.

offset 2: staged release of rth incentivizes early stage adopters for assuming higher-levels of risk. this staged approach increases the probability of securing early stage marketing funds, which can be leveraged to advance through the release stages until sufficient forward-momentum is achieved and rth becomes self-perpetuating.

government taking

risk: rth may evolve to be viewed by one or more governments as a challenge to sovereignty. a government might abuse its authority to seize land or other assets held by rth, thus undermining rth’s backing.

offset 1: work proactively on government onboarding so rth is viewed as a safe-haven ally, not as an opponent.

offset 2: diversify holdings across many countries so asset seizure by one country will leave the majority of rth’s backing in place

offset 3: achieve sufficient market adoption so that an attack against rth would be considered an attack on the people, which may dissuade some governments from taking such action.

offset 4: an inflection point in the future may find rth’s immutable record of ownership considered superior to legacy systems. at such a time, the ability of governments to seize, may end.

transaction speed

risk: blockchain transaction speed may fail to reach levels necessary to adequately accommodate everyday transactional use

offset: blockchain today is like the internet in 1997: tiny video, pixelated, and at 3 frames per second. as blockchain technologies mature, this problem will be likely be solved by rth, or by another. whether ethereum, rth native, another existing platform, or a platform yet to be built, rth is long-term blockchain platform agnostic.

transaction cost

risk: transaction costs might remain prohibitive and therefore may not accommodate rth’s everyday transactional use.

offset: same as transaction speed offset above.

app gatekeeper risk

risk: the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store may not allow the rth app to be downloaded from their services.

offset 1: the rth app does not provide a mechanism for purchasing or selling rth. The rth app only functions to allow the transfer of rth, and the farming of rth at no cost. Because there is no fiat money involved whatsoever at the app level, the rth app may receive favorable consideration.

offset 2: work cooperatively with Apple and Google to illustrate the good faith intentions of the rth project.

offset 3: wait for Apple and Google to become more comfortable with digital asset apps.

offset 4: educate people how to use AltStore and apk to sideload the rth app.

secondary market accumulation

risk: buyers use the secondary market to acquire large amounts of rth, diminishing rth’s equitable distribution.

offset 1: in an open marketplace, this is a matter without offset. accumulation is to be expected. however, the release of rth over time, and the presence of universal basic income, will function as moderate offsets.

access to technology not universal

risk: people without access to technology are not able to participate in the rth project.

offset 1: this risk is becoming less significant every year. more people than ever have access to technology.

offset 2: identify risk areas (geo, income, etc.) and implement outreach programs as appropriate. leverage existing outreach programs as possible communication paths.


risk: the rth steward or accomodator could commit fraud and abuse their power to steal rth or rth’s backing.

offset 1: the rth steward and accomodator are not anonymous. they are known entities, vetted by the founder at launch, and vetted and chosen by the dao as the project progresses.

offset 2: the transparent nature of rth project would reveal any bad behavior. any fraudulent action would be selfdefeating

there are likely other additional risks that have yet to be identified.

frequently asked questions

q: what is the total supply?

a: there are the same number of divisible units in the rth ecosystem as there are in the bitcoin ecosystem.

a: there are 21 trillion rth.

q: why aren’t staking rewards higher?

a: rth is a long-term focused project. unsustainable staking rewards are not a part of the rth ecosystem.

q: rth is not a company?

a: rth is a decentralized autonomous organization (dao). the dao is compromised of rth holders that choose stewards and accomodators by consensus to carry out the directives of the dao.

q: if rth isn’t a company, are there people that are helping to develop the project?

a: yes. rth Foundation, ltd. is operated by a group of people that are interested in helping the rth project succeed. the rth Foundation, ltd. has no direct control over rth.

q: how do I get rth?

a: begin by submitting your kyc here. you will receive additional instructions once the kyc process is complete.

q: If I own rth do I own the assets backing rth?

a: If you own rth, you own a proportionate share off all rth asset backing.

q: can I sell my share of the rth asset backing?

a: no. asset backing is owned by the collective holders of rth and is designed to grow over time.

q: can I sell my rth?

a: rth is a decentralized asset. you and you alone decide what to do with your rth.

q: is rth really free?

a: every person is entitled to receive rth universal basic income at no cost.

q: I can buy rth also, correct?

a: yes. once you complete your kyc you will receive instructions on how to purchase additional rth if you so choose. the amount of rth available for you to purchase is listed in the “participate” section of this website.

q: if I participate in the presale, can I also participate in the main-net sale?

a: yes. kyc’d individuals can participate in each stage of the distribution process.

q: will a large supply hurt the value?

a: the total supply is the same as bitcoin. rth is simply an alternate denomination of the same scale.

a: not all 21 trillion rth will be unlocked at once. when the experiment begins, 21 billion rth will be unlocked. the remaining 20.79 trillion rth will be released over many years at a volume determined by the consensus of rth holders within defined thresholds.

q: will a large supply hurt the value?

a: the total supply is the same as bitcoin. rth is simply an alternate denomination of the same scale.

a: not all 21 trillion rth will be unlocked at once. when the experiment begins, 21 billion rth will be unlocked. the remaining 20.79 trillion rth will be released over many years at a volume determined by the consensus of rth holders within defined thresholds.

q: what are the thresholds?

a: rth will be unlocked at a volume determined by consensus, but not less than 10% dilutive to circulating supply per annum, and not more than half the remaining locked supply per annum, until full distribution has occurred. the high end threshold provides a sufficient unlocking path for potential government onboarding and/or widespread public adoption.

q: as more rth is released, will that drive the value down?

a: rth is released in exchange for government fiat or other crypto assets at then-market rates. as funds are raised from the sale of rth, more asset backing is acquired and held by rth. thusly, asset backing grows as rth is released.

q: The divisible quantity of rth is stated as being the same as the divisible quantity of bitcoin, but looking at the smart contract that appears to not be the case?

a: The Ethereum default is 18 decimal places. While a lower decimal count can be selected, doing so creates challenges with CEX and DEX interoperability. For rth 1.0, it was decided to maintain the Ethereum default of 18 decimal places. When migrating to rth 2.0, the decimal places matter will be reevaluated.

q: if I have rth, then I own a prorated share of the genesis parcel?

a: yes. everyone that owns rth, owns a prorated share of the genesis parcel.

a: everyone that owns rth, also owns a prorated share of all land and asset backing held by rth as acquired over time.

q: where is the genesis parcel located?

the genesis parcel is a 5 acre parcel in Colorado, United States, near the Rio Grande River.

q: where did the genesis parcel come from?

a: the genesis parcel was donated by the founder to serve as the symbolic (and actual) initial backing of rth.

q: is the genesis parcel valuable?

a: the genesis parcel is of nominal value and is largely symbolic in nature. bootstrap funds were mostly reserved for project development and project awareness during incubation and launch.

q: the rth project seems to have many goals. is the project too broad in scope?

a: the nature of the rth project offers many opportunities. it is possible for the project to achieve substantial success, even if one or more of the project goals are not achieved.

q: can rth holders specify how they want their rth backing allocated (land, other digital assets, gold, etc.)? is selective backing available?

a: by design, there is no mechanism to allocate individual holdings to specific types of backing. if you own rth, you own a prorated share of all assets held by rth. however, the vote of rth holders contributes to help determine project-wide backing allocation.

q: regarding the rth accord involving crime, isn’t hard labor and enforced restitution a bit harsh?

a: punishment must be harsh in order to function as an effective deterrent. the proliferation of crime in today’s society is, at least in part, a byproduct of insufficient consequences for criminal activity. it is also important to note, however, that in parallel to stronger punishment, the rth project also presents greater opportunity for personal growth.

q: regarding having an obligation to establish colonies outside the bounds of our planet, isn’t that a bit too sci-fi? how is this relevant to the rth project?

a: one of the rth experiment’s broader goals is to make our planet stronger (make humans stronger). reduce the nonsense so we can focus on matters of importance. humankind is potentially a nuclear war, a high-mortality rate pandemic, or unfettered ai/nanotech, etc. away from extinction. establishing a self-sustaining off-planet colony should be one of our top priorities as a species. we need to get all our eggs out of one basket, as soon as possible.

q: who is Ferris Taveli?

a: the rth experiment began with the drafting of the first rth whitepaper, now deprecated. the rth whitepaper was written by Steve Barbey citing the pseudonym Ferris Cetic Taveli as author.

a: under ideal circumstances, the rth project would have been launched anonymously. However, fraud in the marketplace warrants proven stewardship at launch.

a: Ferris Taveli is nod to Satoshi Nakamoto. The Satoshi whitepaper is the origin of blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to likely be a pseudonym for the actual author(s) of the Satoshi whitepaper.

a: use of the Ferris pseudonym persists as it is symbolic of the rth project not belonging to Steve Barbey. the rth project belongs to rth holders.

a: Ferris Cetic Taveli is an anagram of “Silver Certificate”, a nod to the gold standard asset backing of the past.