Once sufficiently informed, humans will choose stores of value and mediums of exchange that are not subject to debasement, and will abandon those that are. Fiat currencies will fail, and central banks will cease to function in their current form. Government attempts at digital fiat will also fail as debaseable digital currencies will remain transparently inferior to fixed supply digital money. A decoupling of money from government is therefore inevitable.

As this process unfolds, the world will find itself at great risk. Loss of monetary control is a momentous loss of power. Governments will inevitably seek to regain power in other ways. This will result in extreme levels of global instability, ripe for war, famine and other atrocities.

In order to avoid this, humans must find a way to reasonably transition from legacy monetary systems, to new decentralized systems. Such a transition cannot be achieved through mandate or decree. Rather, this can only be achieved though elective adoption. Adoption by the public must occur first, followed by a mechanism for government onboarding that preserves existing socio-economic balance, and provides universal opportunity for growth.

As the world's first fixed supply digital asset, bitcoin is emerging to function as the world's preeminent store of value. However, while the value of bitcoin is derived from its scarcity and other qualities, the fact remains that the vast majority of humans, when considering bitcoin, currently question, "why does this have value?". The interim perception that bitcoin is not "real", will slow the rate of adoption.

If adoption has not reached a critical-mass by the time that widespread failure of fiat currencies begins, a stable and conflict-free transition will likely not be possible. A viable alternate option must already exist, and have reached critical-mass, by that time.

The solution is twofold:

1. Accelerate adoption by blending digital and "real-world" assets to bolster actual and perceived value. Land (real estate) is already universally considered to have value, and is also of finite supply. A new global money, backed by bitcoin, and ownership of the planet, will be more readily adoptable.

2. As this new hybrid-backed monetary supply is released to market, the fiat exchanged can serve to: (a) Increase the underlying value of the new monetary supply by increasing its backing (continue to purchase ever-increasing quantities of bitcoin and real estate), and (b) facilitate and accelerate ongoing adoption by funding extensive global awareness efforts to educate humans on the nature, intent and purpose of the new monetary supply.

As decentralized money is adopted, humans will become more individually empowered which will lead to additional opportunities to improve the human condition, and build a stronger planet.

The world is at a crossroads. Let's choose the right path.

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