- project thesis
- site draft
- rth genesis parcel
- etherscan

- rth app
- rth ambassadors
- rth radio
- mining operations

- although alternatively denominated, the divisible quantity of rth is equal to the divisible quantity of bitcoin.
- 0.5% held by team.
- 4.5% reserved for partners and discretionary.
- 95% for global distribution.
- At start: 50% eth participation allocated to btc and real estate backing, 50% allocated to public awareness and onboarding efforts.

founder: Stephen Barbey
- FBI background checked.
- recipient: Better Business Bureau’s, Integrity Counts award.
- served on the management team of a Tim Draper backed dotcom era business.
- helped raise more than $2 million for charitable organizations.
- seventeen year holder of government issued real estate license.
- owner of a firm that has brokered 8,000 regulated transactions with zero disciplinary actions.
- real estate developer.
- bitcoin and ethereum miner since 2015.

- proportional ownership share of the genesis parcel.
- proportional ownership share of all future rth dao holdings (btc and real estate).
- rth gear
1x ea: logo shirt, hero shirt, moon shirt
1x ea: purple beanie, gray beanie, blue beanie
stickers x4, magnet x1
fiat card, authentic one billion dollars zimbabwe bill
decentralize cards x20.
- 1 million rth for 1 eth
- 450,000 rth for 0.5 eth
- 200,000 rth for 0.25 eth

request private sale access
- email
- discord